Shingle on the Sound
Southport, CT

  • Shingle on the Sound: Waterfront Elegance in Southport, CT

    Designed for a client moving to the shores of Long Island Sound, "Shingle on the Sound" is a testament to our ability to blend cherished elements of the client’s previous home with the unique charms of waterfront living. Crafted by the skilled hands at Hobbs, Inc., in collaboration with Mark P. Finlay Architects, AIA, this residence reimagines the classic shingle style with modern sophistication.

    Accent dormers and contrasting rooflines give a refined elegance to the home, while the design takes advantage of the water views with strategically placed living areas and generous porches front and rear. A distinctive tower marks a graceful transition to additional living quarters, enriching the home's character.

    Our commitment to bringing our clients' visions to life is showcased through this project, photographed beautifully by Durston Saylor, Larry Lambrecht, and aerially by Steve Turner, highlighting not just the architectural beauty but the blend of design and setting that defines luxury living in Southport.

    Architecture: Mark P. Finlay Architects, AIA
    Photography: Durston Saylor & Larry Lambrecht
    Aerial Photography: Steve Turner