Green Building

Building a new home is a challenge unlike any other.
You want to be certain that the home you are creating provides the best environment possible for your family to live and grow in. We build homes that offer safe and healthy spaces for our customers and their families to enjoy, and caring for the environment is an important part of how Hobbs, Incorporated approaches this challenge. We encourage our clients to take a holistic approach when considering the multitude of elements that go into their new or renovated home. Adopting this "whole house" approach allows each project to optimize the health, comfort and safety of the home while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Implementing this strategy is the responsibility of the Environmental Construction Division. This team includes project management and field supervisory professionals trained in the LEED for Homes™ program and accredited through the US Green Building Council. Each project managed by the Environmental Construction Division begins with the creation of a consensus-based team. We bring together all the stake holders in the project, including the owner, architect, designer, engineer and other professional team members. Each project is assessed individually, and specific goals are set taking into account the potential environmental impact of numerous areas of the project. To help meet the team's goals on each project, we consider the appropriateness of such forward-thinking technologies as geothermal heating, solar electric production, wind energy, recycled materials, high-efficiency insulation, sustainable design strategies, non-toxic products and construction waste management plans. Through our use of this comprehensive approach, our Environmental Construction division is able to create a project-specific approach as unique as the home itself.